How is your company different from all the other custom AV companies?

Our company has been in the business for two decades and offers the expertise and support to serve as your single source for integration solutions. We ensure that technology integrates seamlessly and works with, instead of against the design of your home. Our award winning customized and intuitive designs provide easy to navigate control of your environments from anywhere in the world. Our commitment to first-class service and unwavering attention to detail leads us to results that keep our clients coming back and wins our firm industry awards year after year.

Can we use wireless speakers?

Yes, wireless speakers are an available technology. However, before recommending any product we must evaluate each client’s home to determine the best solutions.

What brand and size TV do you recommend?

With TV models changing so rapidly and every home and customer being unique there is no one size fits all. Your salesperson and project manager will help you select the best display for your home.

Do you provide the cable/sat boxes?

No. You will need to subscribe for service with your cable/satellite provider and specify the number of receivers you desire. They will deliver them when they install service to your home.

Do I need my boxes to be DVR?

Not unless you desire to record and playback television content. If you have multiple receivers but only desire one stream of recording/playback, only one DVR would be needed.

Why is network infrastructure so important to the overall system?

The majority of electronic components now use either wired or wireless network communication and signal transmission. A strong network infrastructure is essential for a reliable system.

Why should I invest in pre-wiring my new house when everything is going wireless?

The best way to future-proof your home is to have a solid foundation of wiring. Technology is always changing, and it can save a lot of money and headache to be prepared for what is to come.

I already have a system from a competitor and am unhappy with the functionality of the system. Can you help with my existing system?

We have taken over many systems of various sizes. We are happy to meet with you and review your homes existing equipment and wiring to determine what can be reused and what should be upgraded.

Do you do commercial work, or only residential?

Yes. We have many satisfied clients in both the commercial and residential world.

I really like Apple products—can you integrate them into your systems? If so, what are the options?

We use Apple products in almost every system. Yes. From iPad/iPhone control interfaces to Apple TV video streaming, we integrate Apple products seamlessly.

Can my system turn on and off my outdoor lights at sunrise and sunset?

Yes. Lights can easily be controlled automatically through the use of timers or astronomical clocks which follow the changing seasons.

Can I control my home from my PC or Mac?

Yes. We can easily create an interface for any Mac or PC.

Can I control my home from my smart phone or tablet?

Yes. The vast majority of our clients enjoy seamless and convenient control using their phones and tablets.

Can I control my home when I’m away on vacation or at work?

Yes. Using our computer, phone, and tablet interfaces you can control your home from anywhere in the world.

Can I view my home cameras when I’m away?

Yes. Our security DVRs and cameras can be viewed from any phone, tablet, or computer from anywhere.

Are you electricians too?

We can provide a licensed, insured and highly qualified electrician. We can also work with an electrician of your choice.