Contemporary Single Family

Project: Single Family Residence
Date: 2013
Location: Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL

The Situation
This large, five-level Chicago home contains enough square footage for hundreds of lighting and security zones, along with dozens of climate and A/V zones. It provided us with both the challenge and opportunity to showcase the multiple benefits of our technology.

The Approach
Despite having 392 centralized lighting zones and 90+ Crestron lighting keypads, we were able to keep things simple for the homeowners by giving them centralized control of all systems through their iPad. We created a user-friendly app with simple button layouts for device controls and floor plans that display zone information. We also designed two unique touch-panel modes to meet the husband and wife’s individual preferences. We also customized the app with these advanced features at the clients’ request: ability to set occupancy sensors throughout the house to automatically light pathways; camera motion sensing for automatic perimeter video tracking; and “smart,” automatic shade timers that detect when a window is open.







IP Voice/

Data Networks



Security &