Historic Luxury Condominium

Project: Historic Condominium
Date: 2015
Location: Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL

The Situation
Built into the frame of a historic Chicago high-rise, this incredible home blends modern luxury with timeless elegance. In consideration of the sleek and modern décor, embellished with hand-crafted woodwork, the owner tasked us with creating a full-scale automation system that offered high-end performance and centralized control while not interrupting the unit’s superb aesthetic.

Our Approach
In creating this “invisible” system we were constrained by limited head-end space. By utilizing two interconnected equipment racks, located in separate closets, we were able to ensure that all centralized hardware remained completely concealed. We also utilized a number of discreet technologies, including small aperture in-wall speakers that deliver full-spectrum sound quality despite their minimal 3″ opening. In the end, concealed within its ornate finish-work, this 7,300 square foot unit boasts 15 audio zones, 8 video zones, 29 motorized shades, fire & burglar protection, a robust data network, and over 100 zones of controlled lighting. Each parameter of the system can be accessed and controlled via custom iPad/iPhone interfaces.







IP Voice/

Data Networks



Security &