Modern Lakefront Mansion

Project: Single Family Home
Date: 2015
Location: Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL

The Situation
Built on land that was originally planned for eight town homes, this extraordinary mansion was an immense undertaking. In order to cover its 22,000 square feet space, it required hundreds of lighting and security zones, as well as dozens of climate and A/V zones. The home is made up of three pavilions connected by glass loggias and four lovely outdoor spaces. One incredible feature of the home is the Japanese spa, which overlooks a two-story indoor bamboo conservatory. Controllable lighting was necessary for the health and growth of the plants. Another unique feature that required simple control is the patio’s fire pit. This house is largely made of glass, so window treatments were important for privacy and climate control. Additionally, it was necessary that the homeowners had a robust and reliable network, phone system and commercial grade security system.

Our Approach
We treated each pavilion as three distinct systems, housing all equipment in three “home runs” that serve each pavilion locally. Then keypads and surface mounted iPads were programmed for easy control of the entire house including lighting, audio/video, motorized shades, climate, security and special features such as the fire pit. In order to keep the conservatory healthy year-round, a schedule was programmed to activate the grow lights on regular intervals.

IP Voice/

Data Networks









Security &