Modern Single Family

Project: Single Family Home
Date: 2012
Location: The Loop – Chicago, IL

The Situation
The homeowner’s goal was to create a modern, green home that was secure and easy to access in or away from home.

Our Approach
Sound Specialists delivered the ability to manage AV, security, climate, lighting, shade control, energy monitoring, occupancy scheduling, IP intercom, gate control and surveillance and via any in-wall panel or iPad in the home or remotely. To maximize energy savings, Sound Specialists created a technologically advanced scheduler using Crestron occupancy sensors in every room to coordinate all systems in the home. A user can adjust system schedules, determine what happens when someone enters the room, turning off lights, music, TVs, shades and even adjusting the temperature when a room is not being used.

Security &




IP Voice/

Data Networks



Home Theater/

Media Room