Arkadia Tower

Project: Residential Condominium Tower
Date: 2015
Location: Greek-town – Chicago, IL

The Situation
The developer wanted an effortless experience with state-of-the-art amenities for the homeowners and a powerful office setup for the staff; including a robust phone system, data network and power management. Simple control of televisions and audio/video sources was also essential for their party room, fitness room, and lounge areas.

The Approach
To allow uncomplicated device control, we loaded in-wall iPads with a custom user-friendly app, including simple button layouts and floor plans that display zone information. We centralized all audio/video sources and allowed for simple switching between cable, AppleTV, CATV, Blu-Ray, and game systems. Controlled building access was provided through intercoms and keypads. Next, we installed a Cisco network to handle WiFi, control system, and phone system data traffic. Finally, to maintain functionality of all systems; we set-up surge protection, battery-backup, and controlled power distribution devices.



IP Voice/

Data Networks



Security &