Traditional High-Rise Condominium

Project: High-Rise Condominium
Date: 2014
Location: Gold Coast – Chicago, IL

The Situation
The high-end intricate design of this home required the technology be very discrete, as to not detract from the ornate beauty and custom finishes of the home. Each family member would have varying approaches to using the system and very specific needs, with accessibility being paramount.

The Approach
Our team worked closely with the designer to ensure our trim flowed with the various custom finishes found throughout the home. To provide ease of access, we utilized automated doors controlled through the iPad. We also integrated automated shades, lighting control and audio/video. We furnished multiple control devices to meet the specifications of the couple – one of which needed large buttons, while the other wanted the devices to be inconspicuous. To meet these parameters, we used an iPad with large buttons as well as custom engraved keypads for each room. All of this was designed to offer intuitive ease of use for the family and guests.







IP Voice/

Data Networks



Security &