Transitional High-Rise Condominium

Project: High-Rise Condominium
Date: 2013
Location: Lincoln Park – Chicago, IL

The Situation
This system needed to meet the varying requirements of the couple – He wanted the highest quality audio and video and she required everything be discrete and easily accessible.

Our Approach
In order to maintain the scholarly feel of the library, our team utilized a motorized art screen which was installed on top of the television, so that the television would be hidden until the time of viewing. Both were trimmed by a custom frame that completed the look. The television in the family room was installed within built-in cabinetry, which helped to blend the technology with the home’s design. Finally the television in the kitchen was recessed into the wall and mounted on a swing-arm, which allowed the family to adjust the television in whichever direction they chose to view it from. We also installed motorized shades in the family room, which made it quick and easy to block the glare for television viewing.







IP Voice/

Data Networks



Security &