Whether you’re the original purchaser of your system or have moved into a home with an existing Sound Specialists system, we’re here to help familiarize you with functionality and troubleshoot problems.

Service Calls

We offer 24-hour technical support. Our knowledgeable on-call technicians attempt to troubleshoot any problem over the phone and, if needed, schedule a technician to visit your home to perform repairs. If you believe your system requires service, please call us at 773.278.1650.

If you are calling for after-hours service, you will reach an emergency operator who will relay your information to our 24-hour on-call technicians. A technician will respond to your call within thirty minutes to assess your situation and arrange repairs, if necessary.

Service Agreement

We back all of our systems with a one-year service policy. Once you’ve received formal systems training from your Project Manager, our Service Manager becomes your point of contact for answering calls or emails regarding trouble with your system or any questions about functionality. The Service Manager also delegates service maintenance and extended warranty arrangements.

When you purchase a system installed by Sound Specialists, you have our unwavering commitment to excellence, including:

  • Comprehensive training
  • 24-hour customer support
  • Remote diagnostics and service via Internet
  • One-year standard warranty
  • Optional extended warranty programs